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  • Overview

Geoje the city known as “treating others with great kindness”, is located on the Southeastern tip of Korean peninsula.  Comprised of 10 inhabited and 64 inhabited islands and is Korea’s second largest island. It is the second largest Korean island after Jeju. For Koreans, Geoje-do is known as a holiday destination, due to its temperate climate, yellow beaches, touristy islands and stunning natural beauty.

- See Windy Hill surrounded by quaint colorful shop houses by the sea

- Get around Beaches and Windy Hill

- Take a walk along Oedo Island to see all of the grounds and the views

- Take a photo of glittery sea and interesting art and sculpture around

- Overlook the bays of the south of the island and some of the garden islands


  • When you get there

First, you will be picked up at your hotel in Busan. After pickup, you will head to Geoje Island by minivan car. It takes 1 hour from Busan. As soon as you arrive at Geoje Island, you will see rolling seas of green and golden sandy beaches. You will encounter Windy Hill which is a hill covered in grass and overlooking the sea. Here you can get some picturesque views of the sea and Islands surrounding Geoje. And Sinseondae is 10 minute walk From Windy hill. Relax and enjoy the scenery. It offers views of the fantastically shaped rocks against the deep blue Ocean hues. Many commercials and TV shows have been filmed here taking advantage of this amazing setting.


Next, you will aboard on the Ferry at Janseungpo Ferry Terminal. You will love the time on the ferry travelling to Odeo Island with the breathtaking scenery. It is also known as Oedo Botania. With a beautiful view of the crystal blue South Sea and surrounding landscape, Oedo Botania gives you the scene of the beautiful garden and the Ocean in the background. Stroll around Oedo Botania. You may also apply for a tour around Haegeumgang Island. Known as an island of rocks, it is also famous for Sipja cave, Sajabawi Rock, Chotdaebawi Rock, and other magnificent views. Especially in early dawn from early summer to fall, the fog that blankets the island creates an usual fantastical ambiance. You will have Lunch near Oedo Botania. Lunch will be local food like Sea squirt bibimbab or Cold raw fish soup. You can choose. After lunch, you will go back to Geoje Island by ferry. You will see one beach comprised of black mongdols(pebbles). If you want to try something special, here you can find many fun water activities like Jet Ski, banana boat and flying boat. And you return to Busan with car. Your tour concludes when your guide drops you off at your hotel in Busan.


  • Itinerary

① Hotel pickup in Busan

② Head to Geoje(It takes about 1 hour from Busan)

③ Look around Windy Hill

④ Sinseondae Observatory

⑤ Depart for Jangseungpo Ferry Terminal

⑥ Leave for inside Oedo Botania and tour around Haegeumgang Island

⑦ Lunch(Sea squirt bibimbab or Cold raw fish soup)

⑧ Back to Geoje Island by Ferry

⑨ Hakdong Mongdol Beach

⑩ Return to Busan from Geoje Island

⑪ Hotel dropoff in Busan

The Hidden Seaside Paradise of Geoje from Busan: Windy Hill and Oedo Island

  • - Entrance Fee

    - Ferry ticket to/from Botanical garden

    - Lunch

    - Hotel pickup and dropoff

    - Transportation between Busan and Geoje

    - English speaking guide

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