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Day 1: Arrive at ICN Airport or Seoul – Jeju/Meal(X/L/D)
Arrival at ICN in the morning and your guide will be waiting for you at ICX Airport/head to Gimpo airport
Fly to Jeju Island & Meet Jeju Tour Guide/Proceed to Jeju Island -UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. Start tour of Jeju Jeonnong-Ro Cherry blossom(7 – 10 Apr Jeju university)
The petals of Jeju’s King Cherry Tree blossoms are the largest and most luxurious among all cherry blossoms. The peak of the King Cherry Trees blossoms lasts for only 2 to 3 days, but the beautiful blossoms can be seen for weeks, from late March to the second week of April. Manjanggul Cave is one of the finest lava tunnels in the world. Woljeongri beach and Café - Woljeongri Beach is known for its scenery, tranquil white sand and beautiful emerald ocean with a stretch of cozy and beautiful cafes align the streets. Lunch(local food)/Gwangchigi beach smell the fresh sea air, touch the clear water and feel the soft black sand under your feet. Seongsan sunrise peak - this park from under the sea in a volcanic eruption. Also the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak surrounded by bright yellow colored canola flowers in the spring is truly a sight to behold. Women sea diver show- Haenyeo refers to female divers who dive into the ocean water to gather various shellfish, seaweed and etc without using any underwater diving equipment. Jeju Noksan-Ro – Cherry blossom & canola flower street: Jeju canola flower is signaling the start of spring with fields upon fields of bright yellow flowers. Large numbers of visitors come to the festival every year to take in this beauty/Dongmun traditional market/Dinner(Black pork BBQ) – Childonga/Drop off at your hotel in Jeju

Day 2: Jeju/Meal(B/L/D) 

Hotel pickup and visit Mysterious Road - Offbeat attraction with the optical illusion of a downward-sloping hill that looks like an incline. Teddy Bear Museum - it boasts a unique collection of teddy bears to entertain its visitors. Mt. Halla observatory – Eorimok: Hallasan is 1,950m in height and is the highest mountain in South Korea. Formed from volcanic activity, the mountain is a dormant volcano made mostly of basalt. 

* Eorimok Trail(Northwest): This short trail is another relatively easy trail for beginners. In spring, the nearby meadows are adorned with red royal azaleas. From the stone pathway to Mansedongsan visitors can catch a breathtaking panoramic view of the countryside and the island’s signature Oreums. Lunch(Seafood soup & Grilled fish)/Jusangjeolli cliff - the base of this cliff is the Jisatgae Coast along with the imposing stone pillars and stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jeju Island. Cheonjiyeon Falls or Jeongbang waterfall: The water at Cheonjiyeon Falls, meaning "sky connected with land," appears to fall from the heavens, giving the falls its name. Jeongbang waterfall is among the top three waterfalls of Jeju-do and is the only waterfall in Asia to fall directly into the ocean Dinner(local food)/Drop off at your hotel in Jeju

Day 3: Jeju/Meal(B/L/D) 

Hotel pickup and move to Aewol Jangjeonri – Cherry blossom street/Spirited garden is Bunjae Arpia,Hundreds of potted plants are located in Nature Garden with a theme of oreum and water. Lunch(Jeju Noodle soup)/Greentea plantation(O' sulloc)-it to be made into the highest quality product. Sanbangsan - Sanbangsan Mountain is the result of violent volcanic activity  and is in fact a huge body of lava. Yongmeori Beach is a place where Sanbangsan Mountain stretches into the ocean and it looks as if a dragon’s head is going underwater/Dinner(local food)/Hotel dropoff in Jeju 

Day 4: Jeju - Busan/Meal(B/L/D) 

Hotel pickup and Head to Jeju Shinhwa world theme park/Lunch(Inside the park)/Head to Jeju airport and Dinner(local food)/Fly to Busan and meet a driver/Drop off at your hotel in Busan


Day 5: Busan - Jinhae - Busan/Meal(B/L/D)

Hotel pickup in Busan/Head to Jinhae cherry blossom festival(1h)/Enjoy the festival going around Jinhae Gunhangje - Jinhae Gunhangje is held in the area of Jungwon Rotary and downtown Jinhae with splendid cherry blossoms. Lunch(local food)/Head to Busan and move to Gamcheon Culture Village is formed by houses built in staircase - fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain is vibrantly decorated with murals and sculptures created by the residents. Busan Tower is a symbol of Busan, the tower offers a stunning night view and plenty to see Jagalchi fish market - As one of the largest seafood markets in Asia. BIFF street - Busan International Film Festival(BIFF). On the eve of the festival each year, the “BIFF Square Ground Opening” is held on the street. Nampodong and Gukje market/Dinner(local food)/Drop off at your hotel in Busan


Day 6: Busan - Gyeongju - Busan/Meal(B/L/D)

Hotel pickup and move to Haedong Yonggungsa temple is situated on the coast of the north-eastern portion of Busan/Head to Gyeongju(1h) and visit to Bulguksa temple - UNESCO in 1995. The beauty of the temple itself and the artistic touch of the stone relics. was built in 528 during the Silla Kingdom Lunch(local food)/Seokguram grotto(UNESCO in 1995) - located on Tohamsan Mountain, it is an artificial stone temple made of granite. Bomunjeong ;Bomun Tourism Complex – Cherry blossom: Along the lake is In April the whole walkway is covered with pink petals of cherry blossoms. Tomb park & Cheomseongdae Observatory – Cherry blossom: within Daereungwon Tomb Complex is Cheonmachong Tomb(Ancient Tomb No. 155), characterized as a typical upper class tomb of the Silla period. Cheomseongdae Observatory is the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia.

Head to Busan/Dinner(local food)/Drop off at your otel in Busan/Airport transfer to Gimhae Airport

Spring 6 days Cherry Blossom Jeju+Busan+Jinhae+Gyeongju on 31 Mar to 10 Apr

    • 3 star Hotel 

    - 2Pax: 2550 USD

    - 3Pax: 2220 USD

    - 4Pax: 1890 USD

    - 5Pax: 1550 USD

    - 8~9Pax: 1330 USD

    - 10~14Pax: 1310 USD

    - 15Pax: 1170 USD


    • 4 star Hotel

    - 2Pax: 2630 USD

    - 3Pax: 2300 USD

    - 4Pax: 1970 USD

    - 5Pax: 1630 USD

    - 8~9Pax: 1420 USD

    - 10~14Pax: 1400 USD

    - 15Pax: 1260 USD


    * The tour price is based on Twin room sharing and  per person(Unit: USD)

    * If your group is over 20 people, we can quote to you special price case by case. please contact us for the tour price

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