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Day1:ICN or SEOUL ( No Meal) Arrival at ICN Airport (Flight No. :  &  Arrival Time : ) and Airport pickup by a driver and head to hotel in Seoul/ Hotel in Seoul


Day2:SEOUL ( Breakfast at hotel) Hotel Pickup and Hanbok Rental (Optional) /Gyeongbokgung palace in hanbok/ Bukchon Hanok village/ Lunch : tosokchon – not include Insadong art and antique street/ Jongmyo Ancestral shrine /Kwangjang food market/ N Seoul Tower (Outside) & cable car/ Myeongdong street food and shopping street/Dinner : Local food – not include/ Hotel in Seoul


Day3:SEOUL-Mt.Bukhan National Park and Korean Sauna Experience  ( Breakfast at hotel)

Hotel Pickup and Head to Mt.Bukhan National park Hiking for 3hours start your hiking, your guide will take you to routes on Mt. Bukhan depending on your group’s climbing skills. It takes around 2 or 3 hours to hike on Mt. Bukhan. If your people are beginners, there is one temple called Seunggasa where you climb about 1,300 feet in elevation. It takes 2 hours. It’s recommendable route for beginners. Or if your people are challenger, Bibong path is suitable route for your people approximately 1,835 feet. This route follows a narrow trail with a mountain stream flowing on either side. Around the summit, Munching on Seaweed roll, hot bowl of Ramen and sharing hot cups of tea is common for Korean hikers. You will see people eating in groups enjoying the view. Check a 360 degree of the top of Bukhansan. Lunch : Authentic Korean Chicken Soup-You will see antastic soup simmering in variety of base such as abalone, perilla seeds, black garlic, spicy chicken or traditional taste.

/Korean Saunsa and Jjimjilbang *Sesin Service-

jjimjilbang where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Enjoy 20 min hot bath there and get a Korean body scrub service named Seshin. ddemiri or scrubbing ladies will slough away your skin covers over your thighs down to your feet across your stomach. You are sloshed with soap and water, shampooed and given body massage. Then, you go inside bathhouse separated by gender where nudity is the norm. jjimjilbang offers you exercise rooms as well. Going to Majangdong Wet Market/ Dinner : Local food at the market/ Hotel in Seoul


Day4:SEOUL-Jeongseon Rail Bike + Rafting adventure and Zip Line - Andong ( Breakfast at hotel)

Hotel pickup in Seoul and Head to Jeongseon in Gangwondo (3h30m)/ Lunch  : Local food /

Jeongseon Rail Bike has a relatively easy course without any uphill path except for the final 1km section. Follow the railroad tracks and relax as you pass by peaceful forests, beds of cosmos and golden fields of autumn. * Zip Line if you want to try from the Byeongbangchi Observatory (Optional : 40,000~50,000KRW per person) enjoy the zipline regardless of weather conditions all year around. Take part in this internationally popular eco adventure to get rid of your stress. Byeongbangchi Skywalk by the flowing Donggang River. offers a thrilling experience as it gives the feeling of walking in the sky thanks to the tempered glass floor of this U’ shaped structure (11m) projecting from the cliff at an altitude of 583m. Rafting Experience along Donggang River is one of the top three rafting places in Korea, the other top three being Hantangang River and Naerincheon Stream. Dinner : Local food / Head to Andong (2h)/ Hotel in Andong


Day5:ANDONG – GYEONGJU - Bulguksa Temple Stay ( Breakfast at hotel)

Hotel Pickup and Andong Hahoe village – UNESCO site and Explore the village is home to descendants of the Ryu clan of Pungsan traditional houses. Queen Elizabeth of England visited on April 21, 1999.  Try the Andong Soju (distilled alcoholic beverage), Heotjesabap (a type of Bibimbap eaten by the nobles), Andong Gangodeungeo(salted mackerel), and Andong Guksu (a kind of noodle dish). Hahoe Mask Museum is the home of the Hahoe Mask and the Byeolsin Gut Mask Dance (Important Intangible Cultural Properties). displays Hahoe masks, also other traditional masks from all over the world. also offers activity programs such as wearing a mask, mask trick art, photo zone. Lunch : Local food

Head to Gyeongju (2h) - BULGUKSA TEMPLESTAY - Unesco World Heritage ○ Breathing in the Millennial air - Overnight program - One night / over 3 people (minimum) / - Bulguksa Tour, Tea time with a monk, Morning ceremony and Meditation, Listening to four Dharma instruments, 108 Prostrations with making prayer beads or Making Lotus flower lantern, Circling around the Pagodas, Temple meals /Dinner – included at the templestay experience


Day6: GYEONGJU ( Breakfast at hotel)

Pickup at Bulguksa / Seokguram Grotto / Lunch  : Local food / Tomb Park – Cheomseongdae

Fishing on the boat from Gyeongju / Eating what you caught on the board or harbor / Head to Busan

Dinner at Unyang Bulgogi (recommend Gwanganri or Haewundae area) / Hotel in Busan


Day7: BUSAN ( Breakfast at hotel)

Hotel Pickup and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple / Cheongsapo Sky Walk / UN Cemetery / Lunch : Busan Seaweed Soup - Recommended / Gamcheon Cultural Village / Busan Tower & Yongdusan Park / Boopyong Ggangtong Market / Dinner at the market(pork Soup or Korean Fried chicken and others)

Hotel in Busan


Day8: BUSAN – SEOUL – DMZ ( Breakfast at hotel) 

Hotel Pickup : 07:30 and Head to Busan Station / We will book the KTX tickets / Take KTX for Seoul – Korean Bullet Train (2h40m) / Seoul Station : Meet a local tour guide / Lunch / Head to DMZ : 3rd Tunnel

Dora observatory where you can see N.Korea -Dorasan station / Head to Seoul / Myeongdong Street Food Street / Dinner / Hotel in Seoul


Day9: Korean Folk Village & Icheon Pottery Marking ( Breakfast at hotel)

Hotel Pickup and Head to Korean Folk village(1h) - Wathching Traditional Performances

1.Korean Farmers’ Music and Dance / 2.Acrobatic on tight rope / 3.Martial Arts on running horse

Lunch : Grilled Fish Set Menu /  

Icheon Pottery Village / Marking Pottery experience

*Ceramic Experience Program :   You can see the primary ceramics (not baked) made by the famous ceramic artist . And Making ceramics by clay with own hands by pottery wheel & Ceramic coloring

**'Visitor's work is delivered to his home in his country at his request after first burning, glazing and 2nd burnig. (It takes about 30 days & mail fee is additive.)--> (Additional amount occurred for delivery)

Head to Seoul and HanRivar Park & Bicycle riding (optional) / Dinner : order food to Hanriver / Hotel in Seoul


Day10: SEOUL - ICN airport ( Breakfast at hotel)

Hotel Pickup by our driver / Flight Details :  / Departure : / Airport Trnasfer Servicer

10days leports Jeongseon+ Andong+Temple stay Gyeongju+Busan+Icheon+Seoul


    • 3 star hotel : 

    - 2Pax: 2726 USD

    - 3Pax: 1984 USD

    - 4Pax: 1682 USD

    - 6Pax: 1365 USD

    * The tour price is based on Twin room sharing and per person(Unit: USD)* If your group is over 7 people, we can quote to you special price case by case. please contact us for the tour price

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