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  • Descrition

Go to 3 different restaurants and sample the street food locals love in Korea. There is Korean culinary culture in Seoul. Especially Seoul is a paradise for real foodies. It will be unforgettable experience to enjoy Korean food culture with your guide. Our local guide will take you to local hidden restaurant so that you learn the real local culture.


  • When you get there

You will start food tour at Bosingak, which is a large bell pavilion on Jongno in Seoul. First, you will taste Korean barbecue which only local knows. And you can try Savory pancakes at JBD(Jongno bindaetteok). You can choose topping on it there; Seafood & green bonjuk, nung bean pancake. Locals love this pancaked called Pajeon with a side of soju which is the common liquor in Korea. The liquor like Soju, Makgeolli everyone shares is included, but some different drinks you try are not included. Plus, your guide teaches you some Korean drinking games which locals do when they drink; Baskin Robbins 31, Image Game. Lastly, you will taste fried chicken. It is common culture to have fried chicken and beer. It’s called Chimaek. If you order beer, it’s your own expense.


After you try all food, you can go to Karaoke If you want to try a popular nighttime activity in Seoul. It’s optional.


  • Itinerary

① Hotel pickup

② Arrive at Bosingak

③ Go to 3 local restaurants

④ Noraebang(Korean Karaoke, optional)

⑤ Hotel dropoff

Night food tour Seoul for Small group

  • - Local English speaking guide

    - Food tasting at 3 restaurants(Korean barbecue, Pajeon and Fried chicken)

    - Alcoholic beverages(Makgeolli, soju)

    - Hotel pickup and dropoff

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