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  • Overview

If you want to experience adventure hiking in Busan. then go hiking to Mt. Geumjeongsan. Enjoy the panoramic views of Busan From the top of the mountain. After hiking, you will be soaking in a Korean Spa called Jjimjilbang, where locals come to unwind hang out and engage in a whole host of health and beauty rituals. You can even try outdoor swimming pools, nail salons and karaoke rooms additionally.

- One day hiking & Korean Spa tour In Busan

- Hiking the famous and beautiful mountain Geumjeongsan in the morning with your guide

- Chill out in a Korean spa where you soak your body in a hot steamed room


  • When you get there

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 8:00 am. Before you go hiking to Mt. Geumjeongsan, you will see Beomeosa temple. The temple is located at the eastern of Geumjeongsan Mountain, which is famous mountain in Busan. Most of the original Beomeosa Temple site was lost during the Imjin War(1592-1598) but was restored in 1613 and has remained until now. You will find yourself learning more about the Buddhist culture here. See the locals chilling by the little stream floating down from the hilltop. The red leaves glowed vividly against the pale blue sky.


If you decide to go hiking to Mt. Geumjeongsan in May, you will see the temple surrounded by wild wisteria blossoms. This is a unique sight within Korea, and the blooms have been designated as a national monument.


After you walk through Beomeosa temple, your hiking will get started. Your guide will check your group’s hiking skills. Depending on your hiking level, your guide will decide a hiking trail. When starting at the east gate of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress, walk along the ridge to Geumjeongsan Mountain. Once you are at the top of the mountain, a view of the entire city awaits. the silver grass field is another charm of autumn hiking on Geumjeongsan.


After hiking, your guide will take you to local restaurant. You will have grilled beef ribs(Galbi) for lunch. Enjoy it wrapped up in leafy pockets of sangchu lettuce with pungent gochujang(red pepper paste). And then you go to traditional bathhouse near Mt. Geumjeongsan. It's called Jjimjilbang which is an essential part of contemporary Korean culture. If you want the ultimate exfoliating experience, get a body mega scrub from the Korean massage therapist. It's called seshin. You will stay here for 3 hours. After spa, your guide will drop you off at your hotel.

(*If you want to know more about Korean scrub 'Seshin', check out the video we posted!) 


* Hiking Trails

① Course 1(4 hrs): Busan Nat'l Univ. - Gobyeoldae Cliffs - Dongmun Gate - Buchaebawi Rocks - Bungmun Gate - Geumjeongsan Mountain

② Course 2(3 hrs): Dongnae - Mandeokgogae Hill - Seokbulsa Temple - Sanggyebong Peak

③ Course 3(3 hrs): Geumgang Park - Nammun Gate - Sanggyebong Peak

④ Course 4(3 hrs): Busan Nat'l Univ. - Dongmun Gate - Sanggyebong Peak

⑤ Course 5( 3 hrs): Beomeosa Temple - Bungmun Gate - Dongmun Gate

⑥ Course 6 (3 hrs): Botanical Garden - Dongmun Gate - Bungmun Gate - Beomeosa Temple

⑦ Course 7(3 hrs): Jung-ri(Sanseongmaeul) - Gukcheongsa Temple - Bungmun Gate - Godangbong Peak


  • Itinerary

① Hotel pick up

② Visit Beomeosa temple

③ Enter the trail to Mt. Geumjeongsan

④ Lunch: Grilled beef ribs

⑤ Unwind at Hot spring nearby Mt. Geumjeongsan 

⑥ Hotel drop off

Mt. Geumjeongsan hiking, Beomeosa temple + Korean Sauna experience tour

  • - Lunch

    - Entrance fees

    - Hotel pickup and drop off

    - English speaking local guide

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