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Every culture has its list of bizarre foods, and of course Korea is no exception. But, once you try some bizarre food, you would change your image of that. Bizarre foods are all components of Korea’s rich cultural and gastronomic heritage. Try bizarre food with your guide! 


  • When you get there

You will meet your guide in front of Haeundae market entrance. Your guide will let you know where the meeting point is exactly before tour.


Koreans like alive seafood. Raw octopus(San-nakji) will be your first bizarre food. Thanks to its appearance in Korea's most famous movie 'Oldboy', live octopus is perhaps one of the most famous bizarre foods.


Jokbal is a rich and savory dish made by braising pig’s trotters in seasonings over hours until they totally absorb the flavors and are soft, shiny, and glazed with the meat falling off the bone.

jokbal is considered drinking food (aka anju: appetizer) and shared with several people in a restaurant or a bar with soju , beer, or makgeolli. Koreans often eat it as ssam, wrapped in lettuce leaves with ssamjang dipping sauce, sliced raw garlic and green chili pepper and usually with saeujeot (salted fermented shrimp).


The British have black pudding, the Taiwanese have pig’s blood cake, and the Koreans have soondae. Dangmyeon (cellophane noodles), glutinous rice, and pig’s blood are the main ingredients that make up the Korean equivalent of blood sausages. Sometimes soondae is served with spicy sauce(gochujang). With Soondae, you can taste fried food like Korean deep fried squid or fried shrimp.


Eels are considered to be energy food and are known for the benefits it gives men. The skin part is crispy and the meat is soft.

morotoge shirimp(kkochsaeu) is also called Trachysalambria curvirostris. This shirimp looks like other normal shirimp. But the taste is richer.


After trying these bizarre foods, you will have grilled cow rectum(Makchang) for main dish. They are often served with a light doenjang sauce and chopped scallions. High calcium content and high catabolism for alcohol makes it a favorite anju (side dish for drinking). The texture is very chewy. When eating it, you often have a dipping sauce along side. As a dessert, you will taste Korean shaved ice called Patbingsu. As Korean's favorite summertime treat, Patbingsu is usually served with classic toppings like sweet red bean, doughy rice cakes and rich drizlles of milk. Your guide will take you to nice Patbingsu cafe.


  • Itinerary

① Meet your guide in front of Haeundae market entrance

② Appetizer: Try Korean bizarre food - raw octopus(San-nakji), Korean sausage(Sundae) with Korean fried food, grilled eel(kkomjangeo), Braised pig's trotters(jokbal) and morotoge shirimp(kkochsaeu)

③ Main dish: grilled cow rectum(Makchang)

④ Dessert: Korean shaved ice(Patbingsu)

⑤ End of tour

Korean Bizarre Food tour

  • - Local Licensed Tour Guide

    - Dinner and Food tasting

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