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  • Overview

This tour program is for food lovers and want to explore Haeundae area in easy way by Segway. You will meet tour guide at Haeundae station and will visit Haeundae traditional market, tasting street food of Busan. Next, You will rent Segway or Electric wheels. you will look around Marine City and The bay 101 with Segway


  • When you get there

First, you are going to meet  your guide at Exit 3 of Haeundae station(Subway station line 2). Your tour gets started with tasting street food at Haeundae market. You can try Hotteok(Korean dessert pancake) spicy tteokbokki, crispy tempura or the Busan specialities fish cake, eumuk in Korean. Walk through the Haeundae market for a glimpse of the sea life surrounding Busan how it’s prepared for the local tables. Have authentic market experience here. After that, your group will head to Segway rental store. You take one electric wheel. Look around Haeundae and Dongbaek Island for Gwangandaegyo bridge Night View, riding a electric wheel. Dongbaek Island(Dongbaek-seom) used to be an Island is now part of the mainland. Many camellia and pine trees thrive on this Island to create dense forest.


You will visit the restaurants for dinner, you will have Korean BBQ marinated with Korean soysauce and unique part of pork(optional). Absolutely, common Korean BBQ, pork belly is available there too. You can discuss what you want to have there. As dessert, you will have Korean shaved ice called 'Patbingsu'. It is served with many sweet toppings like chopped fruit, red beans and fruit syrup. It is also one of favorite desserts in Korea. 


Take a look at around Haeundae night ambiance. You will visit The bay 101 in Marine city. This place is hot place for taking pics of modern busan night view. Fish and chips or other simple snacks are available with beer! Finish the tour with fresh beer and food with the beautiful night view of the bay 101. You go back to segway rental store to give electric wheel back. Then, your tour concludes.


  • Duration

18:00pm - 21:00pm


  • Itinerary

① Meet your guide in front of Haeundae market entrance at 6:00pm

② Street food tasting(appetizer); Korean twisted breadsticks and barbecue lobster grilled skewers

(* The tasting menu is subject to changed depending on availability)

③ Enjoy main meal - Korean barbecued pork belly

④ Dessert - Korean shave ice 

⑤ Rental of Electric Wheels

⑥ Look around Marine City and The bay 101 with Segway

⑦ Return the wheels

⑧ End of tour

Small Group Haeundae Night Food tour with Segway

  • - Local Licensed Tour Guide

    - Dinner and Food tasting

    - Rental of Electric Wheels

    - Basic Lesson for E-Wheels

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