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Do you like to taste traditional food and nice dessert in Busan and ride a Segway at the same time? Then, you should join this tour. Your guide will take you to nice Korean BBQ restaurant. Also, you will stroll around Gwanalli Beach where many Koreans have happy memories of Busan to specifically spend a hot summer’s day. You will check some highlights during riding a Segway.

- Sample Busan speciality dish 

- Explore nightlife and lively atmosphere in Gwanganlli Beach

- Acquaint yourself with Korean street food nearby Gwangalli Beach

- Take basic lesson from your guide before riding a Segway

- Feel the breezy wind along the road to Suyeongman Yachting Center


  • When you get there

You will meet your guide in front of Kent Hotel Gwangalli by Kensington at 6:00pm. First, you will try wheat noodles as appetizer. Wheat noodles are served either dry with spicy gochujang sauce(bibim milmyeon) or in a chicken of beef broth(mul milmyeon). It is perfect counterpoint to Busan's hot summer. 

As main meal, you will have Unyang Bulgogi(local marinated beef BBQ). This is different from just normal Bulgogi. You will notice the difference between normal bulgogi and Unyang Style Bulgogi. 

After food tasting, you will stroll around Gwangalli Beach. From here, the night view of Gwangan Bridge will catch your eyes. Sometimes you can see full of young street singers and performers.


Korean people are so much into fried chicken. Busan is well known its own style fried chicken. Maybe you heard about Chimaek before. You will have fried chicken with beer. This match is considered a classic combination in Korea and one of the most popular choices when eating out. As dessert, you will have Korean shaved ice called 'Patbingsu'. It is served with many sweet toppings like chopped fruit, red beans and fruit syrup. It is also one of favorite desserts in Korea. As your food tasting gets finished, you will be able to see the Spectacular Lighting Show at the Gwangandaegyo Bridge which also happens at night.


Before your riding gets started, you will take basic lesson for Segway for 30 mins. Your guide will teach you how to lean forward to make it go forward. You will listen to what to do and what not to do during riding Segway. You can ride a Segway maximum for 1 hour. Your riding starts along the road to Suyeongman Yachting Center. Look around this yacht club. and then you move to Marine city. Check the glamorous side of Busan here. You can see luxury residential complexes and skyscrapers. Near Marine City, there is The bay 101. After riding Segway, your tour concludes. If you want to look around more somewhere, your guide would suggest nice places or restaurants to go.


  •  Itinerary

① Meet your guide in front of Kent Hotel Gwangalli by Kensington

② Taste Wheat noodles as appetizer 

③ Dinner - Unyang style Bulgogi(local marinated beef BBQ)

④ Stroll around Gwangalli Beach 

⑤ Try Korean fried chicken 

⑥ Dessert - Korean shaved ice(Bingsu) 

⑦ Rental of Segway

⑧ Ride a Segway along the road to Suyeongman Yachting Center

⑨ Marine City

⑩ The bay 101

⑪ End of Tour

Gwangalli Night Food tour with Segway

  • - Appetizer, dinner and dessert

    - English speaking tour guide

    - Rental of Electric Wheels

    - Basic Lesson for E-Wheels

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