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Explore top attractions in Jeju Island on this private day tour. Jeju Island, designated as Jeju Special Autonomous Province, lies southwest of the Korean Peninsula and is the largest tourist destination in Korea. The whole island was designated as a special tourist zone, and wherever tourists go, they can look upon beautiful scenery. Every year, about 8.7 million people from Korea and abroad visit this fascinating island that measures 73 km across, east to west, and 31 km, from north to south.


Jeju Island earned the UNESCO triple crown, being designated as a World Natural Heritage, Global Geopark and Biosphere Reserve as well as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. The climate of Jeju is quite different from the temperate climate of mainland Korea. Since the island has a subtropical climate as well as a subarctic one, there are many peculiar plants that can only to be found on this island. The unique sight of Jeju Island captivates travelers. The scenery that represents this volcanic island of Jeju, such as Jusangjeolli Cliff(the pillar-shaped joint on the beach) were created by Hallasan Mountain and Oreum(parasitic cones in Jeju dialect). The piedmont area that visitors encounter on their way from the beach to Hallasan Mountain is a gift of nature and the piedmont area on the way to Geomun Oreum where Jeju World Natural Heritage Center is located is worth seeing. Another unique aspect here is the Jeju dialect and lifestyle. Traveling the 182km circuit road along the coastline by car, motor scooter or bike is recommended.


There is a trail for walking called “Jeju Olle-gil” for those who choose to make a round trip on foot. Jeju Island is implementing more discretionary and diversified policies in politics and economy as well as tourism, and this is what makes Jeju worthy of the name “free international city.”

- Jeju Island sightseeing Private tour with local guide

- Enjoy traditional dishes for lunch at a local restaurant

- Private VAN Tour Service with professional English Speaking Guide and the car will pick you up at you hotel or any destination in Jeju


  • Suggested Itinerary

(Itinerary is very flexible, because this is the private tour)

① Hotel Pickup in Jeju 

② Woljeongri Café street

③ Sangumburi Crator

④ Sungsan Sunrise Peak

⑤ Lunch: local food(Not included) 

⑥ Jeongbang waterfall or Cheonjiyeon Falls

⑦ Mt. Halla observatory

⑧ Dinner: Black Pork BBQ(not included) 

⑨ Drop off at your hotel in Jeju 

Full-day Jeju Customizable Private tour with Guide & Vehicle

  • - 2Pax: 175 USD

    - 3Pax: 120 USD

    - 4~5Pax: 100 USD

    - 6~7Pax: 80 USD

    - 8~9Pax: 70 USD

    - 10~14Pax: 60 USD

    - 15Pax: 50 USD


    * The tour price is per person(Unit: USD)

    * If your group is over 20 people, we can quote to you special price case by case. please contact us for the tour price.

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