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A trip to South Korea almost always means Seoul would be your first(and maybe only) destination. And no one can blame you.

However, if you want to get in touch with nature, feel the sea breeze on your face, rub elbows with locals, and appreciate the more cultural aspects of South Korea, then Busan is your answer.

Busan is modern and despite its towering skyscrapers and legions of tourists, quite compact and easy to get around. There are Korea’s Main port for international shipping, freshly caught seafood and beaches. There are 7 attractions in Busan you should not miss! Plus, this tour will take you to historical site UN Memorial Cemetery. You can easily observe the dedication made by the heroic soldiers at that time.

- Full day Busan sightseeing tour

- Visit historical site UN Memorial Cemetery


  • When you get there

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 8:30 am. You will head to Haedong Yonggungsa temple. Considered as one of the must-sees in Busan, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is more than just holy site to pay respect to, but also one of Korea’s most scenic spots. The temple’s ambiance are made more awe inspiring with dramatic and picturesque naturethat blankets the whole temple complex. The temple is surrounded with lush foliage and in spring, visitors can see beautiful cherry blossoms.


Second, chill out in Dongbaekseom Island. Dongbaek Island is consist of dense wood of camellias and pine trees. There is the APEC house(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) in Dongbaek Island. A popular coastal path connects the beach to the APEC house. After walking around Dongbaekseom Island, you will taste Korean pork belly barbecue at restaurant 'Matchandeul Wang Sogeumgui' nearby Haeundae. 


Then, you will be headed to United Nations Memorial Cemetry(UN Memorial park). If you are history buff, you would like this place. You will observe the dedication made by the heroic soldiers at that time feeling the spiritual atmosphere even at the entrance.


After that, you will pop in Oryukdo Skywalk which has been continuously popular domestically as well as from abroad. You will be thrilled with the view of the waves while looking down through the transparent floor. Because this place is set up over a 35-meter-high coastal cliff, it’s an amazing view all around you with the ocean waves crashing on the rocks.


Gamcheon Culture Village is lot more colourful now than what it used to be in the 1950s when Korean refugees fled for safety to Busan(the only place in Korean peninsula that was war-free). The small population of the hillside- and coastal village quickly grew as makeshift houses from wood, rocks and corrugated iron popped up everywhere.


Jagalchi Fish market is a stone’s throw from Gamcheon Culture Village. You can also try plenty of street food in BIFF Square(Busan Internaitonal Film Festival) which is known as movie street nationwide. You can try what most Koreans love to snack on whenever they visit parks or whatever - silkworm pupa and pig skin. Don’t miss the best hotteok(Korean street food) there.


Are you interested in Busan’s modern district? Then hit BIFF Square. There are events such as hand printing of movie celebrities and Nunggot Jeomdeung(snow- flower lighting). You can also try plenty of street food in BIFF Square. 


  • Itinerary

① Hotel pickup

② Haedong Yongunggsa Temple

③ Dongbaekseom Island(Nurimaru APEC House)

④ Lunch - Korean pork belly barbecue(at restaurant 'Matchandeul Wang Sogeumgui') nearby Haeundae

⑥ UN Memorial Cemetery

⑦ Oryukdo Skywalk

⑧ Gamcheon Culture Village

⑨ Jagalchi Market

⑩ BIFF Square

⑪ Drop off at your hotel

Full day Busan highlight and historical tour for history buffs

  • - Professional guide with great photograph skills

    - Transport by air conditioned van

    - Entrance fees

    - Lunch

    - Hotel pickup and drop off

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