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Ulsan is known more for its old whaling practices and current industrial reputation with major ports, shipbuilding, and trade with East Asia. Ulsan itself has designated twelve locations as the Twelve Scenic Areas of Ulsan. Its three major ports(Ulsan Port, Onsan Port and Bangeojin Port) gave Ulsan the ability to perform as the hub of Korean shipbuilding and a major trade gate for East Asia. Here you can explore nature in Ulsan strolling around Bamboo Grove and Taehwagang Grand. You can learn all about Korea’s past and the city that brought the nation much economic development, as well as enjoy blue oceans, beautiful landscapes, and historical attractions scattered along its coastal lines.

- Ulsan sightseeing tour in 1 day

- Exploring nature in the city

- Try Korean style grilled beef patties in Ulsan


  • When you get there

You will be picked up at your hotel in Ulsan or Busan at 8:00 am.

First if you are interested in rice wine, Boksoondoga could be satisfying. This is an original home- brewed rice wine made from a traditional family recipe by the couple of Kim Jungsik and Park boksoon. You will have lunch with your guide. Ulsan is the place to be Unyang Bulgogi which is authentic local food, marinated beef by Ulsan Style. This is grilled beef with salt. It's smoky and tender. Imagine piles upon piles of beef delivered to your table with copious side servings of salad, garlic and chili sauce!


Aftert lunch, you will head to Taehwagang Grand Park which is a central park in the middle of Ulsan. It’s about 2 or 3 times larger than Han River Park in Seoul. You can have a great morning walk here. This park has ideal path to take a bicycle. Marvel at the giant Ulgi lighthouse beside the sea, the rocks with the quaint shapes affected by the wind and Ocean. Check out the two main views- a standing rock and a bamboo forest called Simni Bamboo Grove. They are stretch between two bridges in the river. You will think this is a lovely park for a stroll. You will hear very pleasent sound of the Bambo whistling in the wind at Simni Bamboo Grove. 


Next, you will go to Daewangam Park. You can stroll along the trail through a forest with different kinds of fruits such as pines, cherries, magnolias, camellias and apricots. It’s got some really beautiful views, especially during golden hour, and you might even spot a few cats roaming around.


You will enjoy the night view at Ulsan Bridge Observatory which offers one of the best spots for Ulsandaegyo Bridge viewing. From the observatory, you get to enjoy a view of the entire area of Ulsan from petrochemical to automobile and ship building industrial complexes. At the end of the day, you will return to your hotel for drop off.


Gangjeolgot Cape is known as the earliest place to see the sunrise in East Asia. It’s a good place to see the sunrise on New Year’s but you can enjoy it just the same any other time of the year. You’ll know you’re there when you see the massive lighthouse and giant mailbox. If you need a short break from stressful city, you have to visit here. You can get some fresh air and see scenic serene clean blue sea idyllic for a family outing kite flying plus point soak. Ganjeolgot Cape is known for two things now. Frist thing is that it is the first place the sun hits on the Western coast. It was also another filming location for “May Queen” a Korean drama.


Near Ganjelgot Cape, there is one place, Oegosan Onggi Village where you can see a massive collection of various earthenware products which creates a unique sight in the folk village. There is Ulsan Onggi Museum which houses the largest earthenware pottery recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record.


  • Itinerary

① Pick up at your hotel in Ulsan or Busan

② Try Korean Rice Wine Boksoondoga - rice wine tatsting

③ Lunch: Unyang style Bulgogi - Local marinated beef BBQ

④ Head to Taehwagang Grand Park and Simni Bamboo Grove

⑤ Daewangam Park

⑥ Night view at Ulsandaegyo Bridge

⑦ Enjoy sunrise at Ganjelgot Cape

⑧ Oegosan Onggi Village

⑨ Drop off at your hotel

Explore Nature in Ulsan with Local Bulgogi BBQ and Rice wine Tasting

  • - Entrance fees

    - Lunch

    - Professional guide

    - Rise wine tasting

    - Hotel pickup & dropoff

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