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  • Overview

Daegu, with its wide open green spaces and stunning Buddhist sites, is the living embodiment of Korea’s traditional culture and contemporary charm. It is a progressive city with a split down the middle of contemporary developments and ancient tradition preservation. If you’re a fan of watching Korean drama, you might remember this reference from the series ‘Oh My Venus’!

- Take a city view with Cable car from Apsan Observatory

- Stroll on Daegu’s Modern Streets to understand that contrast even better

- Taste various street food in Seomun Market

- Feel nature and kick back in Eco Theme Park


  • When you get there

Your guide will pick up at your hotel in Busan at 7:30 am. Then your guide will drive you to Daegu. It takes about 1h 30mins. When you get to Daegu, your tour gets started. First, you will go to Seomun Market which is one of the three markets in Korea and is the largest market in Gyeongsang Province. It is a traditional market famous for various food items along with textiles such as silk and linen. Here, you can get a glimpse of the life of the Korean People. you can purchase anything from high-quality traditional hanboks to local snacks. For example, Flat dumplings, shrimp skewers and spicy fish cake.


Next, Seongju hangae village is one of the folk village in Joseon dynasty. 75 houses are well arranged and most of them were built in late 18C to early 19C. Recently, Seongsan Lee family are succeeding the tradition and the village has become a crucial source of folk village. After you stroll the village, you will have lunch with your guide. Lunch will be local food like Bulgogi or Pressed noodles. You can choose what to eat for lunch. If you want to give your children nice memories in their childhood, you can’t miss this amusement park. There are many rides. The main attraction is the camel back. You’ll find an ice skating rink as well as a sky deck. This is where Korean Drama ‘Hyde Jekyll Me’ was filmed.


Dongseongno Street gets its name from the path that once traced Daegu’s eastern fortress wall. Today, the area still illustrates the clear transformation of Daegu. Dongseongno Street is the most popular shopping district in downtown Daegu, offering everything from luxury items to fast fashion to Korean beauty products. You can go window shopping here. You will find many department stores, clothing shops, jewelry stores, restaurants of all varieties, clubs, pubs, and movie theatres. Then, you will head to Apsan Observatory to see night view. You can go up to Apsan observatory by riding a cable car. You can see the entire city of Daegu in one sight. This place is not only known for the day view, but also for the beautiful sunset and night view. Lastly, you will visit Eco Theme Park called Hill crest. You will get fresh new experience each spring, summer, fall and winter. If you are sick and tired of daily routine, you should check this park. This place is a fun-filled ecological theme park composed of a variety of outdoor activities. The Fragrance of various herbs will make you feel refreshed and pleasant. After all of these sites, you will return to your hotel in Busan.


  • Itinerary

① Hotel pickup in Busan

② Head to Seomun Market

③ Kim Gwangseok-gil Street

④ Lunch(Bulgogi and Pressed Noodles)

⑤ E- World

⑥ Shop along Daegu Dongsengno Street

⑦ Ride Apsan Cable car to get to Apsan Mountain Observatory

⑧ Go to Eco Theme Park(Hill crest)

⑨ Hotel dropoff

Daegu Day tour – Explore traditional market with foodies and Theme Park

  • - Entrance fees

    - Lunch

    - Hotel pickup and dropoff

    - Transportation between Busan and Daegu

    - Professional English speaking guide

    - Cable car ticket

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