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Immerse yourself in nutrient-rich mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival, one of Korea's most popular summer festivals! The festival takes place on Korea's west coast at Daecheon Beach in Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, a few hours ride to the southwest from Seoul. Daecheon Beach is the largest beach on Korea's west coast and is well known for its nutrient-rich mud that has health benefits for the skin. Welcoming thousands of international visitors every year, this year’s festival guarantees a variety of fun-packed activities along with lively events in celebration from July 13 to 22. Don’t miss this opportunity to join in on the excitement of fun with mud as well as your chance to see K-Pop performances!


  • When you get threre

At 07:30 pick up from your hotel in Seoul, head to Daecheon Beach in Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do ( 2hours and 30min.) You can enjoy this festival with entrance ticket for full day and back to Seoul. We will drop off at your hotel in Seoul. 



Of the numerous festivals in Korea, Boryeong Mud Festival attracts the largest number of international visitors. During the festival period, tourists flock to the area to experience the benefits of Boryeong's mud while having a blast. Fully immersed in both the mud and the festival’s great atmosphere, visitors enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the giant mud bath. Visitors feeling particularly energetic can try the marine mud-training course, while those looking for something more relaxing can enjoy the mud massage zone. In the evening, music and fireworks continue the party going at the beach.


>> Self-massage Zone : Mud self-massage experience 

The Mud Self-massage Zone is the perfect first stop for timid visitors or the beauty-conscious. Boryeong mud is known to be rich in beneficial minerals that result in clean and radiant skin. Simply spread the mud all over your body and wait for about 10 minutes until the mud turns white before washing the mud off. Soothe your skin and wash away your stress at the Self Massage Zone!


>>Mud Slide :Enjoy a thrill ride into a pool of mud on the Mud Slide! Cover yourself with mud before going down the slide to pick up even more speed as you barrel down.3 Giant Mud Bath


>>Giant Mud Bath : The Giant Mud Bath is a huge mud pool where anyone can enjoy mud bathing under the sun, as well as participate in a variety of games. Jump into the giant mud bath and join in the fun!


>>Mud missions through All Sorts of Hardships : All Sorts of Hardships course 

Engage yourself in numerous mud-themed games at the festival! In particular, don't forget to try All Sorts of Hardships, where you make your way through a narrow mud maze filed with obstacles blocking your path.



[Experience Events]
- Mud Game 
- Mud Obstacle Marathon
- Mud Experience Center (Mud bath & mud massage) 
- Mud Slide
- Mud Kid’s Land

[Nighttime Events] 
- Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony
- Mud Mob Scene
- World Mud Beauty Festival
- Boryeong-si Local Music Concert
- Hip-hop Rave Party
- EDM Festival, etc. 

[Other Events] 
- Mud-time Character Performance
- Fountain Square Open Concert
- Korea’s Tune, Pungmul (folk music) Experience
- Black Eagles Air Force Air Show, etc. 

[Special Exhibitions]
- Boryeong Mud Festival Photo Exhibition
- Boryeong Local Products & Handcrafted Items Sale Exhibition 

*Program details are subject to change and vary each year. Find more information at the official webpage.

Boryeong Mud Summer Festival Tour for period July 19~28 2019

  • Private tour rate


    - 2Pax: 275 USD

    - 3Pax: 190 USD

    - 4~5Pax: 170 USD

    - 6~7Pax: 120 USD

    - 8~9Pax: 110 USD

    - 10~14Pax: 95 USD


    * The tour price is per person(Unit: USD)

    * If your group is over 15 people, we can quote to you special price case by case. please contact us for the tour price.

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