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  • Overview

This tour operates 3 days in Gyeongju, Busan and Ulsan. You will taste several local food in each city while going sightseeing.

- See the most beautiful nightscape in Busan

- Learn about Silla Kingdom and see the large ancient tombs of kings and nobles of the Silla Kingdom

- Try Korean royal beef dish once enjoyed by Kings and queens(Tteok galbi)

- Try Korean rice wine at Boksoondoga(rice wine tasting)

- Go up to Busan Tower and check the view from the top of tower

- Taste Busan style fried chicken(Gukje Tongdak)

- Explore seafood soup in Busan

- Go and see ancient graffiti on the rock faces at Tongdosa temple


  • When you get there

Your guide will help you to get acquainted with Gyeongju & Busan during the tour. You will visit many historical sites; Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto, Daereungwon Tomb Complex and Cheomseongdae Observatory in Gyeongju.


On the second day, you will head to Ulsan. First when you get to Tongdosa Temple, you’ll first notice ancient graffiti on the rock faces. As you continue to walk, you’ll first pass through a beautifully built four-post Iljumun gate. You will have Unyang style bulgogi for lunch. Ulsan is the place to be Unyang Bulgogi which is authentic local food, marinated beef by Ulsan Style. This is grilled beef with salt. It's smoky and tender. And then, you will sample handmade rice wine at Boksoondoga. The rice wine is made out of organic rice that is sourced locally. There is bamboo forest where you can chill from your daily routine called Simni Bamboo Grove.


On the last day of tour, you will head to Busan which is seaside in South korea. Gamcheon Culture Village has picturesque attraction featuring a village of colorful houses, painted murals, shops & cafes. You can try some street food along the way to Gukje Market and Bupyeong Kkangtong Market. For example, there are honey pancake with sunflower seed, Chungmu gimbab and glass noodles. Especially, you will taste Gukje Tongdak which is Busan style fried chicken. The fried chicken is chopped into pieces and fried again. It's crispy outisde and juicy inside!


  • Itinerary

Day 1 Busan - Gyeongju/Meal(X/L/D)

① Pick up at your hotel in Busan

② Head to Gyeongju(1h 30mins)

③ Bulguksa Temple

④ Seokguram Grotto

⑤ Lunch(Tteok galbi - Grilled beef patties)
⑥ Gyeongju National Museum

⑦ Daereungwon Tomb Complex

⑧ Cheomseongdae Observatory

⑨ Head to Busan(1h 30mins)

⑩ Dinner at Jagalchi marekt(Seafood hot pot)

⑪ Hotel dropoff in Busan(*Accommodation is not included)


Day 2 Busan - Ulsan/Meal(X/L/X)

① Pick up at your hotel in Busan 

② Head to Tongdosa temple

③ Lunch - Unyang Bulgogi(local marinated beef BBQ)

④ Sample Korean Rice wine at Boksoondoga

⑤ Taehwagang Grand Park and Simni Bamboo Grove
⑥ Go back to Busan(1h)

⑦ Hotel dropoff in Busan


Day 3 Busan/Meal(X/L/D)

① Pick up at your hotel in Busan

② Head to Haedong Yonggungsa temple

③ Gamcheon Culture Village

④ Lunch(Dawji Gukbab - pork and rice soup)

⑤ Songdo Skywalk
⑥ Yongdusan Park & Busan Tower

⑦ Gukje Market

⑧ Nampodong and BIFF street 

⑨ Bupyeong Kkangtong market

⑩ Jagalchi marekt

⑪ Dinner(Gukje Tongdak - Busan style fried chicken)

⑫ Hotel dropoff in Busan(*Accommodation is not included)

3 days Private tour Busan & Gyeongju & Ulsan with foodie

  • - 2Pax: 855 USD

    - 3Pax: 630 USD

    - 4Pax: 560 USD

    - 5~7Pax: 480 USD

    - 8~9Pax: 430 USD

    - 10~14Pax: 390 USD

    - 15Pax: 330 USD


    * The tour price is per person(Unit: USD)

    * If your group is over 20 people, we can quote to you special price case by case. Please contact us for the tour price.

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