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Try Jeju Island Private tour with us! You can hear the allure of the opportunity to hike the tallest peak in Korea calling your name. This Jeju west course includes the most attractive tourism attraction in WEST side of Jeju with reasonable price! For example, you will go to Hyeojae Beach, Hallim Park, Green tea museum Osulloc, Jeongbang waterfalls and Sanbangsan Mountain. Also your guide will take you to Korean style buffet in Jeju Island.


  • When you get there

First, you will go to Hyeopjae Beach. This is beautiful beach with rocks, Jeju-men and an orange juice stand with some amazing homemade sparkling nectar of the gods. You can see Biyang-do from the beach and it helps clear your mind for your work. The view looks like an Emerald colored beach, which is not easy to be found in Korea. If you want to try the largest theme park with various botanical gardens, tons of different birds and flowers and beautiful century- old bonsai trees in Jeju, you have to visit Hallim Park.


Next, you will go to Hallim Park. This is so big that there are many things to see. You can see a gate and all traditional houses in Jeju and find that each house and gate has meanings depending on wooden sticks positioned. And then, you will head to Suwol Bong hill designated as a Global GEO park by UNESCO. This walking path meanders along the coastline amidst stunning rock formations and beautiful views of the nearby islands. The palm trees found in the park were first planted in 1971. From that time, in an abandoned sandy field, they have been taken care of and have grown to create this amazing paradise. Suwolbong Peak was formed from a volcanic eruption and many worldwide geologists are interested in this hill. After trekking, you will have Korean style Buffet at a 4-star hotel. Try local food such as marinated pork, beef, bread and salad as well.


It will be good chance for tea lovers to visit here. If you are interested in traditional tea culture, it’s the best time to have a cup of great tea there. This is the largest green tea fields in Jeju. Filling the air with a pleasant aroma, green tea Museum makes you feel free to roam around and sample the tastiness inside the museum. There is one mountain you can see in Jeju. Mt. Sanbangsan is a very cool dome-shaped lava mountain with a beautiful temple carved into the side about half way up. The 20-minute hike to the temple is well worth it, offering stunning views of the landscape.


You can decide to visit Jeongbang waterfall or Cheonjeyeon Falls. In Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, they have three waterfalls. The first is a bit underwhelming because the water actually falls “behind” the rocks so you can’t really see anything


  • Suggested Itinerary

① Hotel pickup

② Hyeopjae Beach

③ Hallim Park

④ Suwolbong Peak(trekking for 20 mins)

⑤ Lunch(Buffet)

⑥ Green tea Museum Osulloc

⑦ Sanbangsan Mountain

⑧ Jeongbang waterfall or Cheonjiyeon Falls

⑨ Drop off at your hotel


* You don't have to follow suggested Itinerary above. Just let me know where you want to visit and explore.

1 day Essential Jeju Island Private tour in West side with buffet

  • - Professional English speaking Jeju guide

    - Lunch(Korean style Buffet)

    - Private transportation

    - Entrance fee

    - Hotel pickup & dropoff

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