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  • Description

Jeju Island is a jewel of the Korean peninsula which is one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders. This volcanic island is home to rolling forests, majestic features and a rustic culture reminiscent yet distinct from that of mainland South Korea. You don’t have to strictly follow this itinerary. The itinerary is flexible. It’s up to you. You can put other places like Olle Market, Yeomiji Botanical garden and Teddy Bear museum.

- Feel the water spray at you from Jeongbang waterfall
- Take the Halla Mountain challenge and expect magnificent foliage
- Try seafood like Abalone hot stone pot rice and stone bibimbab in Jeju

- See giant rock structure in Oedolgae


  • When you get there

Let’s go to Mysterious road in Jeju first. It is also called Dokkaebi road among locals. You will see objects on this road seem to defy the laws of gravity! When you get there, you will find the cars going uphill but no, with just neutral gear and foot off the accelerator. This Mysterious Road actually has a downward slope of 3 degrees but appears to be uphill because of the higher surroundings. And then, you will hike Mt. Halla. Take the Halla Mountain challenge. You can expect magnificent foliage, awe inspiring rock formations and hordes of fashionable hikers sporting the absolute latest in alpine gear. Enjoy all the visual illusions in Alive Museum. It’s funny place with all the trick eye areas to take many pictures for the memories. Have a fun with your friends.


After visiting places, you will have lunch. Because Jeju is abundant in seafood. You will have some seafood. For example, you can taste Abalone hot stone pot rice with Korean side dishes. Or you can choose Stone bibimbab meal set with grilled Mackrerel. The lunch is up to you. It depends on your taste of food.


After lunch, you will see a mind blowing wonder of Nature at Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff. The rock formation looks like a piece of art that has been sculpted delicately with a sharp tool. Pronounced way DUHL –gae and meaning lone rock pillar, Oedolgae is a giant rock structure that emerges from the ocean just outside Seogwipo City.


Lastly, feel the water spray at you from Jeongbang waterfall as you get to walk right up to the waterfall through climbing on the large rocks scattered around it. This unique waterfall goes directly to the sea. It could be a challenge. Because the walk leading to this fall comprises a set of stairs.


  • Suggested Itinerary

① Hotel pickup

② Hit the Mysterious Road

③ Mt. Halla(Eoseungsaenak trekking)

④ Alive Museum

⑤ Lunch

⑥ Jusangjeoli Hexagon Lava Cliff

⑦ Oedolgae

⑧ Jeongbang waterfalls

⑨ Drop-off

1 day Essential Jeju Island Private tour for South course with Lunch

  • - Professional guide

    - Hotel pickup and dropoff

    - Private transportation

    - Lunch

    - Mineral water, gas, toll gate and tax

    - Entrance fee

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