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  • Overview

Ulsan is a city located at the southeast end of Korea and is strong in building heavy-duty industrial goods. Three ports(Ulsan Port, Onsan Port and Bangeojin Port) make Ulsan perform as the hub of Korean shipbuilding and a major trade gate for East Asia. You will figure out how Korea has developed economy with Technologies on this tour.

- Learn about Korean high technologies

- Stunning coastal scenery at Daewangam Park and Taehwagang Grand Park

- Small group Tour(Max 15)


  • When you get there

Detailed descriptions of itinerary depend on what you chose. Your guide will pick you up at your hotel in Busan. To get started this tour, you will be drove to Ulsan. It takes 1 hour by car.


If you are car enthusiast, this place will fit into your interest. Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant is the world’s single largest plant and has been a living testimony to the Korean auto industry. Through a tour of the Ulsan plant, you can see the whole process of how cars are being produced. 

Daewangam Park has a beautiful walking trail along a coastal cliff. The rock island off the coast can be reached by an iron bridge. There is a legend that King Munmu of the Silla Kingdom was buried under the island to guard the kingdom even after his death.


HANGUK MOLD has started as professional mold manufacturing company, which is the root technology that serves as the basis of almost all industries. Currently, it has developed into a manufacturing company that specializes in production of injection mold products used as interior and exterior automotive component, composite molded products and base material.


If you are interested in shipbuilding, this place is what you are looking for. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. is the world's largest shipbuilding company. Its headquarters are in Ulsan, South Korea. It has constructed approximately 1,800 large ships so far.


Taehwagang Grand Park cuts across the heart of Ulsan City and flows into Ulsan Bay, which is connected to the East Sea. Home to the largest riverside flowering plant garden in the country, Taehwagang Park in Ulsan is a definite must visit for any tourists to Korea. It’s a perfect place for a day trip with the family, a picnic with friends or for a date outside the city that’s a close destination to be home for dinner.


After visiting Industrial sites, you will have lunch with your guide. Your guide will take you to local restaurant in Ulsan. Lunch is up to you. You can choose Bulgogi or Korean barbecue


  • Itinerary(You can choose option)

* Tuesday- Thursday

① Head to Busan station on your own and take KTX or Train to Ulsan 

② Meet a tour guide at Ulsan Station

③ Go to Automobile Parts Technology Research Institute

④ Visit Hanguk Mold Co.

⑤ Lunch(local food)

⑥ Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant

⑦ Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries

⑧ Return to Busan


* Friday- Saturday

① Head to Ulsan on your own(Take KTX or Train from Busan to Ulsan)

② Meet a tour guide at Ulsan Station

③ Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant

④ Daewangam Park

⑤ Lunch(local food)

⑥ Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries(Friday)

⑦ Taehwagang Grand Park (Saturday)

⑧ Return to Busan


* Special September-November Friday Course

① Head to Busan station on your own and take KTX or Train to Ulsan 

② Meet a tour guide at Ulsan Station

③ Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant

④ Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries

⑤ Lunch(local food)

⑥ Taehwagang Grand Park

⑦ Ulsandaegyo Bridge Observatory

⑧ Daewangam Park

⑨ Lotte Plaza

⑩ Return to Busan

Ulsan Industrial Exploration One day tour with local guide

  • - Lunch

    - Entrance fees

    - Professional Guide

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