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Do you want to try good local Korean food by suggestion of experienced local tour guide when you travel? This tour is the answer. This is for those who love food and travel at the same time. You will vist DMZ area in Paju. A experienced tour guide will give you explanation about N.Korea and a brief history on Korean War and political situation during the tour.

You can find yourself understanding N.Korean issues in Korean's perpectives at the end of the tour. After all, the tour guide will bring you to famous and popular local Korean BBQ restaurant and you will experience true Korean BBQ there. This tour program will give you easy-access to DMZ and good experience of Korean food. Don't hesitate to book, this will be the perfect tour program for food and travel lovers. FYI, this tour doesn't have any compulsory shopping centers and we do small group tours  not with big coach!


  • When you get there

07-07:30 Tour guide will pick you up at the hotel and will depart to Imjingak peace park in Paju city

It will take about 1h 30mins to get there.

09:00-09:20 while tour guide is waiting in line to buy DMZ tour ticket, you can go around Imjingak peace park and you can find Freedom bridge, derailed locomotive, bunker, etc.

09:20 You will take DMZ shuttle bus run by Paju City, will visit 4 places as follows.


1) The 3rd tunnel: The third tunnel was discovered in Oct of 1978. 1.95mether high, 2.1 meters wide and 1,635 meters long. It penetrates 435meters south of the military demarcation line and ends at the Truce Village of Panmunjeom.


2) Dora observatory: From Dora osbservatory, you can view DMZ, the North Korean propaganda village in the DMZ and as far north as the city of Gaeseong with your naked eyes.


3) Dorasan station: 52 years of anticipation, waiting for the day when the two countries will be united once again. Dorasan station, the northernmost station in South Korea, has planned to connect the Gyongueisun(Line) and it will be linked to the European continent via the Siberian Rail way. 


4) Unification village: about 500 villagers are living in civilian control Zone, where you can find DMZ souvenirs and local grocery.


12:00-12:20 Mostly, it ends at 12:00 - 12:20pm and Head to Seoul(1h  20mis-2hrs: because of traffic jam).


You can have Korean BBQ Lunch at restaurant that locals love! Enjoy good quality of Korean BBQ and learn how to eat in Korean way by tour guide.

2:30-3:00pm After all, you will be dropped at your hotel at around.


  • Itinerary

① Hotel Pickup

② Head to Paju

③ Imjingak peace park - going around 

④ 3rd tunnel

⑤ Dora observatory

⑥ Dorasan sation

⑦ Unification village

⑧ Lunch at Korean BBQ restaurant

⑧ Hotel drop off


* If all people are available and time is still ok, we can stop by odusan observatory where you can see real N.Korean Village.


*Closed - Mondays & Public holidays (Excluding weekends, Seollal/Chuseok)

Day tour for food lovers : Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) Tour with Korean BBQ

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